What is Happiness?

What is happiness?

It is about this that we (Life Plus) want to examine in our next event!

On Tuesday 25 August, from 4.00 pm until the evening, we are going to realize an event dedicated to the happiness, in Metianu Street.

Our intentions are, first of all, to spread the happiness to the people who are joining us and second, involve the people investigating what the happiness is for them. A lot of activities will be done in this day: presentations, flash mob, entarteinment around the city, artistic moments, projection of videos and a lot of things else!

Why doing an event about the happiness?

We were thinking about which kind of event we could create, the conclusion was that for the most of the time we used to do event for sensibilization about thorny subjects, but the people need also to think positive. Now it is the time to be positive and to let everybody thinking also to the good things that the life gives us. 

Enjoy your life, enjoy the world and....be happy!

We will wait for you to celebrate togheter the happiness.11887922 541768819305285 5963331504822339015 n

Written by annalisa
Created on Wednesday, 19 August 2015 21:07