Last Friday, day 25th of September, the Life + team participated in what for many of us will be the last training in our stage of European voluntary Service in Arad, the first aid training.

The course was held at the Red Cross headquarters in Arad. And It began with the presentation of the president of the organization in the city, which broadly explained the history of the Red Cross.

It was founded in 1863 by Henri Dunant, whose emblem is the Red Cross and Red Crescent Moon and which survives thanks to their volunteers work. Besides, she spoke about the several areas where they work (disasters, improving health services, helping poor people…), as well as, about the courses that they offered, competitions, other services and their work in areas of peace and war.

Also, she told us that the Romanian Red Cross was created in 1876 and that they received the Patronage of Queen Marie who was a symbol ad inspirational leader of the organization. And now, the Crown Princess Margareta, her great-great-daughter is the current president of Romanian Red Cross, since this year.

After that, the trainer began the course with the practical part on the most important first aid maneuvers. We work on scenarios of how to deal with an unconscious person, how to perform revival or what to do in a situation of asphyxia (Heimlich maneuver). As we had to practice, it was very useful and interesting as well as entertaining.

Then, we were talking also about other cases, as the symptoms of heart attack, hypoglycemia, hypothermia, electric shock, injuries, hemorrhages (internals and externals), open and closed fractures, spine and rib fractures, and finally, we learned how make a sling with a handkerchief.

The main objective of this course was provide us the most basic knowledge to provide effective help to people who are in an emergency situation. So we are aware of the importance of learning these maneuvers which would save lifes. In fact, the rest of the team and the new Life + members will continue forming in this area, which is one of the main tasks of our project.

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Written by Débora
Created on Sunday, 27 September 2015 18:53