Life Plus at Stage 3: The Beginnings

The third and last stage of the Life Plus project we are involved in consists of a wide range of different activities: educational leisure time with children and teenagers in both Arad’s medical unit inside the ludoteca and after-school contexts in villages located on the outskirts of the city, support actions for promotion of the Erasmus + Project, the creation and management of several campaigns and workshops, journalistic and media activities regarding the project and the support to other teams within the association to our liking. In order to accomplish these tasks in an appropriate manner, we are offered different trainings over the months and we already had a useful couple of those up to this moment: one about non-formal education and the other regarding children’s rights, also very interesting.

Since we arrived two weeks ago, we have had the opportunity to start with some of these activities. We began organising the ludoteca and entertaining the kids in the hospital where, the first time, we had to improvise, as it was not planned for us to start already on that day. However, we managed to keep them entertained by using the material already present in the ludoteca (board games, cards, paper and markers, ball…), and both us and the children were finally happy of the outcome. This week we planned a Halloween workshop, with proper Halloween room decorations, scary masks, games, and even a Halloween piñata hand-made by our Spanish colleagues.

In the meantime, we worked on the new poster to hang in the hospital for the children and parents to know where and when to find us.


We are now brainstorming regarding new activities to carry out from November onward, during the cold winter days waiting for us and the kids at the ludoteca and in Vlamidirescu village, and we are already full of ideas we hope we will be able to put in practice.

Written by Alice
Created on Thursday, 22 October 2015 15:26