Our lifes.

First of October…It was time to start. We were three new volunteers in Arad in this 3th stage of Life + Project - Association Ofensiva Tinerilor-. Maybe it is a wrong decision maybe not, but finally we are here after Skype’s meetings and bureaucratic papers.

We are Alice (from Italy), Eva and Laura (from Spain). A doctor in international relations, a criminologist and a psychologist make a good team for help kids in the hospital, for go to the poor village, for do events and for improve together in working team.

Also Irene is important part of this project because she is our expert¡ in the city and the project. She arrived here 5 months ago and she is helping us in the first weeks.

Now, 23th of October, we are 3 girls that we want to offer our skills and knowledge to the society. We were looking a change in our respective life:

  • Alice is finishing her degree and she needs time for think about her future and her life.

  • Laura wanted a change in her life, she wanted felt useful.

  • Eva when she read about the project she thought that it’s good way for improve her academics skills and enjoy the experience.

We have a lot of expectations in this project, in this experience, we want to be part of a project and to involve it in our life. We hope living the experience, knowing other cultures, improving our English and confronting new things. We have a bag with expectations, ideas, projects, activities and our skills and we want to stop along this way part of us, to share our personality and to develop our faculties in a good way because we think knowledge shared is more knowledge. We want that this experience be used for a personal development. We want to offer assistance, put in practice our skills, we want to learn from each other.

All the decisions in the life are the best because in this moment is the thing that we want to do. We are so excited and we have a lot of ideas to share with our team member. We are waiting hopefully to making happy the children. We want to feel part of something different because the little details make all the difference.

So we have expectation of to be better and better, but maybe it is impossible because we are feeling so lucky every moment.


Written by Eva Rico & Laura Ledo
Created on Sunday, 29 November 2015 16:09