These past two weeks were focused on the first aid campaign we prepared and delivered in three schools here in Arad: in Moise Nicoara with 5th grades, in Csiky Gergely with 9th grades, and in F. Neumann with 9th grades. We reached agreements with these schools after going personally to talk to directors and teachers in the said institutions, which welcomed our project enthusiastically.

As written in the “introductory” brochure we presented to the school staff, First Aid training is important for five reasons: it increases safety, it helps save lives, it helps relieve pain, it increases confidence, and finally it prevents the worsening of the situation.

While giving these classes and explaining that first aid is that emergency treatment given to an injured or sick person, often by someone who does not have medical training, we highlight that we are not professionals and we have no medical training, as most people who can find themselves in these types of situations do not. However, it is good to have some basic knowledge to be able to assist a victim in case of need without doing further harm.

We are starting the lessons with the distribution of triptychs edited from the second Life Plus stage, describing the composition of the First Aid Kit, the basic principles, and the main steps and “what to do (and not to do)” in case of emergency assistance.

Moreover, our presentation is composed of two main parts: Irene’s theoretical one with the power point explaining the basic principles of First Aid and showing the first aid kit (as well as interactive sections with quizzes and games); and the practical part (Eva demonstrating arm’s immobilization and safety position, Laura the Heimlich maneuver, and myself CPR).

We were calling volunteers among the kids and teens for each one of these demonstrations, and they (especially the youngest ones) were very curious and involved in the class; sometimes, they were intervening in the quizzes by sharing more details than the ones we knew about the topic, and therefore teaching us something new as well, in a two-ways learning process.



Written by Alice
Created on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 13:16